About Us.

Dr. Preston has over 20 years experience as a small animal practitioner, and a lifetime of working with, rescuing, and caring for animals. She owned a clinic in Twin Falls, Idaho, before coming to Washington in 2001, where she has worked as an Associate Veterinarian – most recently at The Pet Doctor in Lakewood. Now it is time to launch an innovative new practice with a more personal touch, happy pets and more time for individual patients.

Dr. Preston has been called “The Cat Whisperer” and enjoys the unique cat personalities and challenges of working with felines. She anticipates easing their ‘Veterinary Anxieties’ by visiting them at home.

Having shared her life with many wonderful, much-loved animals over the years, Dr. Preston has experienced first-hand, and learned from, the many complicated behaviors and actions of our fellow creatures. This experience has been of tremendous benefit in her practice of Veterinary Medicine. In addition, having worked as a Wildlife Biologist prior to becoming a Veterinarian, she has a keen appreciation of environmental concerns and the inter-connectedness of species.

A life-long equestrienne, she has trained and participated in numerous equine sports, but has a special love of Endurance Riding. Her animal family currently consists of 5 horses, 4 cats, 2 dogs and an African Grey Parrot. Dr. Preston brings a rich and varied life experience to Veterinary Medicine and the animals in her care.