Welcome to Your New Small Animal Mobile Veterinary Service.
  • Veterinary Care and Emergency Transport
  • Pawspice Care
  • Laser Therapy

With an experienced, caring veterinarian: Dr. Sue Preston, MSc. DVM.
Less Stress For Your Pet!

The Vet in Motion Van is actually a well-appointed, travelling Vet Clinic based in the Graham-Eatonville area, with ready access to many other areas. In addition to veterinary care, there are two new concepts in Animal Care being offered:

1. Pawspice Care, is hospice care for chronically, or terminally ill pets. Keeping them comfortable at home without stressful trips to a hospital for as long as possible, and then allowing them to leave their families, with kindness and love, in their familiar surroundings.

2. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is an exciting, non-invasive, very safe, rapidly developing modality begun in Europe over 40 years ago, but just now beginning to be used widely in both human and animal medicine. This therapy, being used to treat diverse medical problems, stimulates the Kreb’s cycle (the basis of energy production) in individual cells using photons to enhance the body’s own healing powers, by increasing ATP production.

The Erchonia Laser being used, was the first laser in the U.S. to achieve the Food and Drug Administration’s Market Clearance (i.e. FDA approval) through research and clinical trials and is light-frequency based. In animals, the laser is being used to treat arthritis, spinal injury and pain, inflammation, wound healing, scar tissue, cruciate injury and much more. This therapy is being widely used now on the human side, and is rapidly gaining favor on the veterinary side. Dr. Preston would be happy to discuss the possible use of this treatment in your pet.